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Kalbelia dance of Rajasthan

Presented here is the fascinating Kalbelia dance performed by the women of Kalbelia tribe during the Pushkar fair at Ajmer in Rajasthan state of India. Kalbelia dance is one of the most sensuous and vigorous dance forms of Rajasthan.

Kalibelia is the traditional dance of Kalbelia tribe in Rajasthan. The main and age-old occupation of this tribe is catching snakes and trading snake venom in near by Pushkar areas. Hence the dance movements and the costumes are similar to that of the snakes. The Kalbelia dance, performed to celebrate any joyful moment in the community, is an integral part of their culture.

Dancers attired in traditional black swirling skirts, sway sinuously with the accompaniment of different traditional instruments like pungi, dufli, morchang, khuralio and dholak. The attractive part is the plaintive notes of the been, a wooden instrument of the snake charmers, has been heard through out the performance.

The vigorous and zestful display of their perfect movements to the enchanting tune of musical instruments is a treat to the eyes. Kalbelia dance and songs are now in UNESCO’s representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.