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Shilp Gram - Rajasthan tourism village

Shilp Gram literally meaning Craft Village is one of the major attractions in Pushkar fair in Rajasthan state, India. Promoted by Rajasthan Tourism, this craft village gave a kaleidoscopic view of  Rajasthani culture and art.

Focused on the promotion of unique tradition of Rajasthan, Shilp gram has stalls on various handicrafts, rajasthani costumes and rajasthani cuisine.   The village also give importance for the promotion of folk art forms of Rajasthan like Mayur Morni, Kalbelia and Chari dances. 

Featured here is a video of Shilp Garm at Pushkar fair. This craft village has something interesting for every visitor and don’t forget to drop in at this art centre when you are in Pushkar.