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Traditional dress of Rajasthani's

The Indian State of Rajasthan is noted for its vibrant, colourful festivals, costumes, folk songs and dances. Traditional Rajasthani costumes are quite unique. The costumes of this desert state are a reflection of its cultural lineage, weather conditions and come in myriad colours. The women folk wear more colourful clothes than their male counterparts.

The traditional dress of Rajasthani men folk are dhoti, bandia-angarkha and potia. Bandia-angarkha is a type of jacket which closely fits the chest and is loose around the waist. The narrow sleeves of this jacket are usually longer than the arms and are adjusted at the wrists, resulting in bangle-like gathering on the forearm. Men also wear bright coloured turban or the head dress. The turbans of Rajasthani men change according to each geographical region and is designed to suit terrain and climatic influence. Among this the most commonly used ones are the bandhni.

Rajasthani women’s attire mainly consists of Ghaghara, choli and odhani. Ghanghara or lehnga is a colourful full skirt, choli or kurti-kanchali is upper cloth used as blouse or top and the odhani or chunari or dupatta a shawl like cloth used to cover the heads. In Rajasthan, married women wear ivory bangles, which can be seen from their wrist to upper arms. They wear this for the rest of their lives or as long as their husbands are alive.

Shown in the video is a Rajasthani family during the course of a visit to Uttarakhand – the Himalayan state of India.