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Ravanhatta: a Rajasthani folk musical instrument

Music has a lot to do with the enduring cultural traditions of Rajasthan, a State in western India, often known for its musical heritage. In this era of effervescent music, people tend to become part of such culture that still preserves the vibes of traditional music.

Watch and listen to this soulful musical rendering of Ravanhatta by Sethnaram Bhoppa, an artist from Jaisalmer. It may be hard to believe that this string instrument, Ravanhatta is a fine product made out of locally available bamboo, wood, coconut shell and metal pipes. 

Mythological background of the instrument

Ravanhatta, a string instrument, is believed to have originated in Sri Lanka during Hela civilization (during the reign of demon king Ravana). Legend has that Raavan was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and he pleased the Lord by playing the Ravanhatta or Raavanstorm. It is also said that during a war between Sri Ram and Raavan, Hanuman took the Ravanhatta from Lanka and brought it to western India.