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Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple, Sikkim

Sikkim, a border state located in the north-eastern part of India, is famous for its hill destinations encompassed by the mighty Himalayan mountain ranges. Apart from its scenic beauty, the place has something more to offer. One of the significant spots in Sikkim is Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple erected in the memory of Harbhajan Singh, a Sepoy (soldier) of 23rd Punjab regiment.

Located near Nathula pass in Sikkim bordering Tibet, this is a peaceful place where tourists flock quite often. It is believed that Harbhajan Singh after he died on duty appeared in the dream of his colleagues and requested to build a monument in his memory. The fellow soldiers then erected this temple which now is one of the most sacred places in the state. Belongings of Harbhajan singh have been kept inside the temple to commemorate the comrade who sacrificed his life for the mother nation.

Visitors often leave a bottle of water which they collect a few days later to take back home blessed by the spirit of that Indian soldier.

How to reach:-
Nearest Railway station: New Jalpaiguri Station (neighbouring state West Bengal), around 115 km
Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport (neighbouring state West Bengal) around 123 km