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Nathula Pass, Sikkim

This video presents Nathula pass, situated at an altitude of 14, 450 ft in Sikkim state of India. This is the highest point in Sikkim and is richly covered with varieties of alpine flora and fauna. Sikkim shares its border with Tibet which is under China's administration. Through Nathula pass one can travel to Tibet.

This is a historically important place and was the gateway to Tibet. It was used extensively by traders and porters. This was known as Silk route. Visiting this place is like an once in a lifetime experience.

You can walk up to the army view point and look beyond into China with green uniformed Chinese army personnel with red stars on their caps. This place is very cold since the wind blows at very high speeds.

There is a café house where you get coffee and snacks. Don’t forget to click photographs of this beautiful place and obtain certificates of visit from the Indian army man in the border.