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Kanjeevaram pattu saree weaving

Saris that were being woven right from the time of Pallava kings, Kanjeevaram pattu (silk) sarees are the traditional handloom silk sarees of Tamil Nadu in India. Ornamented with pure gold zari using ‘korvai technique’ Kanjeevaram or Kancheepuram sarees’ border and pallu are the same colour. ‘Korvai’ is a Tamil word meaning ‘in sync’.

These heavy silk saris are woven with elaborate zari borders and the end pieces are woven using petni technique. The Petni technique changes colours, extracted from leaves, barks and seeds. Weavers use the ancient craft of three-shuttle weaving and interlocking weft to get this effect.

Featured in this video is the weaving of Kanchipuram sarees at a weaving centre in Kanchipuram town in Tamilnadu.