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Slam the brakes! There are deer crossing and peacocks watching as you drive up the road to Mudumalai

If you are a forest and wild creatures sort of person, you want to put Mudumalai on top of your ‘places to visit’ list. With the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary situated here, this forest, which lies northwest of the beautiful Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, is a great place to do wildlife spotting.

You can catch elephants grazing or being fed in the forest reserve, which is also home to giant squirrels, wild boar, the common langur, bonnet macaques, the tall gaur bison, and a variety of deer. The Tiger Reserve is famed, but the big cats are quite elusive.

The Moyar River forms a sort of natural divide between Bandipur and Mudumali. Aren’t the sight and sounds of flowing water like  refreshment on a forest trek? What a great way to beat city blues.

Contact details:-
Reception Range Officer,
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park,
Theppakadu, The Nilgiris
Ph: +91 423 526235