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Do not try this tea pouring at home - It is done by experts


They call it the yard-long tea, because hands are stretched at a yard’s distance when the tea is poured from one glass to another. Usually, small, local tea shops are a male bastion. But this tea shop in Namakkal is manned by women who share the male skill when pouring out tea over a great distance. It’s a fun sight, and one that is repeated with not great results in homes.  

Namakkal earned a place as the first ISO 14001-2004 certified municipality in Asia for environmental management, specifically the provision and maintenance of water supply, solid  waste and sewage management, town planning and lighting.

Even in ancient times, as a part of Tamil Nadu’s Kongu Desam, it had the distinction of being hotly contested for and coveted by both the Pallava and the Pandya kings.