Great Sayings from India
Among world's great civilizations, India occupies a special place. Its ancient culture evolved through the mutual interaction of differing cultures. And thus the ancient Indian wisdom is the fusion of numerous diversities - ethnic, cultural and intellectual - into a single stream of thought. It had a profound influence on the life and thinking of succeeding generations for over five thousand years of known history. India's ancients went where few had ventured: exploring the origins of the Universe, the mystery of the Cosmos, probing the heart of the atom or measuring the distance to the stars and galaxies, or debating the merits of theism over agnosticism. They evolved one of the most ancient systems of medicine that thrives to this day.

Unlike many cultures that rose and fell with the tide of history, India's continues to be relevant in a world that has undergone cosmic changes. From the inimitable Vedas and their superb mantras, through the charming brahmanas, the thoughtful aranyakas and the splendid Upanishads, to the great epics and the puranas, India's rich repositories of wisdom continue to be revered by the world.

Given below are some from the Great Sayings that capture the essence of this ancient, multi-layered culture: