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The secrets of Indian Magic - Indian Rope Magic Trick

Indian Rope Trick is one of the oldest and most sensational magic items of the country. Here, the trick is being performed by magician Rajkumar of New Delhi. The present technique was developed by famous magician Prahladacharya of Karnataka.

In the classic version, (which is staged after sunset) the Fakir, an elderly person, throws a rope to the air, which stiffens like a stick. A boy climbs on that rope and disappears. The Fakir climbs the rope in search of the boy and he too disappears. Screaming sounds are heard. The limbs of the boy fall down. The Fakir comes down, collects the limbs and put them in a bag. The boy comes out of the bag.

There is no documentary evidence for this. But a limited version shot in the 1920s is still available.