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Ring inside the apple, a street magic

The video features a street magic from India called ‘Ring inside the apple.’ It is a magic, which is all about putting a ring inside an apple. It is one of the popular traditional magic tricks, performed by street magicians in India.

In earlier days, the traditional Indian magic was performed not just for royal durbars, but also on the streets for the common man. In India, street magicians moved from one village to another to present their magic skills. In India, magic is considered as an art. India is also home to renowned magicians who perform on the streets as well as in theatres.

MAZMA (Society for Uplifting Traditional Magic & Performing Arts) is a Delhi-based NGO working for the preservation of Magic and other traditional arts of India. For more details about MAZMA, visit

‘Enchanting Illusions: Traditional Magic of India’ is a DVD published by Invis Multimedia in association with UNESCO and Mazma. For more details on this product, visit