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Traditional dress of Tripura

Tripura, a panoramic tiny north-eastern state of India is a land-locked state and has both national and international boundaries. The state is inhabited largely by 19 tribes, Bengali, Manipuri and other communities. Among the 19 tribes, they follow almost similar dress pattern.

Men generally wear dhotis and a scarf as head gear. Tripura women wear a scarf that reaches down to the knees and use risha (small cloth) as their upper garment. The tribes like Reangs, Jamatias, Chakmas and Kolis nearly follow the same pattern of dressing. According to the custom, bigger holes on the ear are considered as a sign of beauty, they use the scantily clad Kukis to enlarge the holes of the ear-lobes.

Shown in the video is clip shot from the Octave 2008, a cultural program showcased the rich cultural heritage of eight north-eastern state of India, held at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.