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Sericulture at Didna Village, Uttarakhand

Rearing of silk worms is a major occupation in Didna village, situated in the mountainous terrain of Chamoli district in the State of Uttarakhand, India. Here in this video, one can see white tarpaulin tents set up by the villagers to rear silk worms. Oak leaves form the major feed for the silk worms, which are available in plenty in the region.

As part of farming, potato occupies most of the cultivable land here in this Himalayan village along with rearing of cows and goats. The village of Didna lies on the way to some of the beautiful meadows in the upper reaches like Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal.

Trekkers pass through this village en route to Roopkhund, which is a glacial lake, situated at a height of about 16000 ft above the seal level.