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Diwan-i-am and Diwan-i-khas, Agra Fort

Diwan-i-am and Diwan-i-khas are two majestic structures in Agra Fort, Uttar Pradesh state. Diwan-i-am or the ‘hall of public audience’ is where Emperor Shah Jehan addressed the public. Built during 1631-40, the massive hall has a flat roof and is divided into three aisles. Two arched red sandstone gateways on the north and south lead to the hall. The building, originally built in red sandstone, is plastered over with white shell paste resembling white marble.

Diwan-i-khas or the ‘hall of private audience’ was used by the emperor to receive the honoured guests and nobility. Built in 1635, the hall has an ornate wooden roof with gold and silver leaves resembling sun rays.