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Nagina Masjid in Agra Fort

Nagina Masjid is inside the Agra Fort and is made of white marble. The Fort was built by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar. The Nagina Masjid is also called Gem Mosque. This building was constructed by the Emperor Shah Jehan as a prayer palace with typical cusped arches. It was for the ladies of the court.

The Gem Mosque is situated in the north- west corner of the Machili Bhavan. There is a Mina Bazaar for the royal ladies to buy things from the marble balcony beneath the Nagina Masjid.

The Fort of Agra is an amazing structure comprising  sprawling palaces showcasing not only the Mughal empire under Akbar, but also the advancement of Mughal art and architecture. Agra fort and city is an incredible Indian travel destination.