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Pareshnath Jain temple at Kolkata

Pareshnath Jain temple situated in Kolkata, built by an art connoisseur named Ray Badridas Bahadur in 1867. Located in the northeastern side of Calcutta city in west Bengal State, it is marvellous temple which explicit the Jain Culture and tradition in India.

There are mainly four temples here and the main temple is dedicated to the 10th Jain Avtaar (incarnation of God) Sri Sital Nath Ji. Main Jain temple is the Paryushan (festival) celebrated in Bhadrapad month of Shaka Calender. Jains observe ahimsa, listen to recitations of scriptures of worship and perform charitable deeds. Last day of festival is called samvatsari.

Pareshnath Jain temple of Kolkata also contains a cozy greeting room and a museum.