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St. Paulís Cathedral, Kolkata

St. Paul’s Cathedral in Kolkata (Calcutta) is considered to be the first ‘Episcopal Cathedral Church’ in India. It is located to the east of Victoria Memorial. The construction of this cathedral was patronized by Bishop Wilson.

The foundation stone was laid in 1839 and the work completed in 1847. This church was built in Indo-Gothic pattern at a cost of Rs.5 lakhs. The church is 247 ft. in length and 81 ft. in width. The tower is 201 ft. high from the ground level. The tower of this church was rebuilt after a massive earth quake. But again it was adversely affected by another earthquake in 1934.

The interior of the church is very impressive with beautiful artwork and mural paintings. These paintings vividly display the life and work of St. Paul. People from allover the world visit this church for peace and tranquility.