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Victoria Memorial Hall

Victoria Memorial Hall, the imposing structure in Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, India was built by Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India on the occasion of the death of Queen Victoria as a memorial to her. This was in 1901. The idea was transformed into reality with Sir William Emerson, President of Indian Institute of Aesthetics designing the memorial. The construction cost was solely derived from the contribution by the people and princes of India. The Hall was formally opened to the public in 1921.

The memorial is situated on an area of 64 acres of land. It is an amalgam of Greek as well as Italian architecture. Islamic domes, which were common in India, had also been incorporated into the design, thus giving the whole structure a unique majesty. At the top of the dome is a 16 foot tall bronze statue of Victory mounted on ball bearings.

Another attraction of Victoria Memorial Hall is its museum, with Victoria memorabilia, British Raj paintings and other displays. A notable collection of weapons, sculptors, paintings, maps, coins, stamps, textiles etc. can also be seen. A series of paintings, which illustrate the life of Queen Victoria throws light into the life of the British monarch.