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Preparation of Arishtam in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the unique contribution of India to the world of medical sciences has crossed millenniums and even now remains one of the most effective medical practices in the world. This ancient wisdom is remarkable for its holistic approach and close relation to the nature.

The Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from natural sources alone. The dravyas (substances) derived from animal, metal and vegetable sources are purified through a process called shodhana and are converted into a variety of medicines.

Arishta is a common form of Ayurvedic medicine. This liquefied medicament is prepared by adding a Churna (powder) and a sweetening agent like sugar, jaggery or honey to a kashaya (a thicker medical liquid).

The mixture is kept sealed in earthen pots for 30 days. The porosity of the earthen pots help to maintain a temperature of around 27 degrees inside and this facilitates fermentation. After 30 days, the mixture is strained, and is kept for ten to fifteen days for sedimentation during which contact with air is maintained. The solution obtained after removing the sediment is the Arishta.