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Dr. M Prasad about Panchakarma

Presented here is a video of Dr. M. Prasad, Ayurveda doctor and the Director of Sunethri Ayurvedashram & Research Centre at Thrissur in Kerala, India, tells about the importance of Panchakarma or rejuvenation treatment in Ayurveda.

The most attractive part of Ayurveda is its five fold method of treatment called Panchakarma. ‘Pancha’ means ‘five’ and ‘Karma’- ‘action’. The five fold therapy is aimed at Shodhana, the eradication of the basic cause of the disease. Shodhana along with Shamana, the mitigation of the disease and its symptoms, are the two concepts of disease management in Ayurveda. The degenerative diseases are no more a hard nut to crack if the detoxification processes of Panchakarma are done properly under the super vision of trained Ayurvedic physicians.

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