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Prithvi Vallabh - 1943

Prithvi Vallabh 1943 directed by Sohrab Modi, renowned for his historical films, is based on K.M. Munshi’s novel by the same title. It is considered as the third among the historical trilogy of Modi – the other films are Pukar (1939), Sikander (1941).

The story revolves around the enmity between the tow neighbouring kings Munj (played by Sohrab Modi) and Tailap. The wicked Tailap with the help of another king Bhillam defeats Munj and imprisons him. Tailap’s sister Mrinalvati falls in love with Munj after seeing his valour. After learning Munj’s plan to elope with his sister Tailap has him trampled to death by elephants.

Durga Khote’s excellent performance in the role of Mrinalvati is one of the major highlight of the film. Spectacular sets and war sequences are some of the other aspects that need mentioning. Written by Pandit Sudershan the music of the film was composed by Rafiq Ghaznavi.