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Ram Rajya - 1943

Another mythological film from Vijay Bhatt (the director of Bharat Milap), that revolves around the story of the Indian epic Ramayana. Ram Rajya 1943 narrates an episode in the epic which depicts the mental turmoil of lord Ram after his return from exile and the pathetic plight of Sita after the desertion of her by Ram. The film gave Bhatt the image of a torchbearer of Indian culture and heritage.

One of the most extraordinary facts related to the movie was that it was the only movie watched by Mahatma Gandhi in his lifetime. Gandhi appreciated Bhatt after the film which the director cherished as the most valuable recognition he ever received in his life. The film became so popular that the image of the lead actors Prem Adib and Shobhna Samarth who played the role of Ram and Sita, found place within in the prayer rooms of many north Indian households.

The movie became controversial when Saraswati Rani a playback singer, who lent her voice to the song “Beena Madhur Madhur Kachhu Bol” quit the industry as her name was not included in the credits. As per the custom of that time the name of the character (Chandralekha) was given in the credits. Saraswati Rani kept herself away from the mainstream industry after this issue.