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Takradhara on Forehead in Panchakarma

Shirodhara or Moordhanyadhara is performed as part of the Purvakarma practices prior to the Panchakarma treatment. This medication process of India is believed to be about 2000 years old.

A Droni or wooden bed is enough for Shirodhara. A structure similar to a drip stand is used to suspend the vessel that holds the fluid. To begin with, medicated oil depending on the physical condition of the patient is applied on the forehead. A headband is tied round the forehead to ensure that the fluid does not fall in the eyes of the patient.

After the patient comfortably lying on the Droni, the medicated oil from the hanging vessel is made to drip gently on the forehead. The therapist will move the vessel and would see to it that the medicated oil reached everywhere on the forehead. The treatment normally lasts for 25 to 75 minutes.

At some instances, the buttermilk replaces the medicated oil and then it is called TakradharaShirodhara can cure ailments like headaque, fatigue, insomnia, nervousness and stress.