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Kerala Book, Kerala : A Poem in Green and Gold, written by K. Jayakumar

Kerala: A Poem in Green and Gold is an authentic book on Kerala with text and photos, written by K. Jayakumar, poet, lyricist and author and civil servant by profession.

“The compelling and lucid style of narration enriched with introspection and interesting observations makes reading this book a joy. History is invoked to understand the present and cultural heritage is studied to appreciate the abiding values of a people. That the author is a poet and creative writer in Malayalam is evident in this delightful book by the tone and tenor of the language and the depth and empathy of narration. It is truly a book of surprises in more ways than one. The author succeeds in retaining the mystery and enchantment of Kerala even after extensively sharing with the reader the depth of its beauty and the uniqueness of its culture. And that is no mean achievement” says Prof. Dr. U. R. Ananthamurthy in his foreword to the book.