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Goopy Gyne and Bagha Byne, children's film by Satyajit Ray

The film Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne, meaning The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha, was added to the Indian cinema collection in 1968 by Satyajit Ray. This film is in Bengali, although it features subtitles, and it is 132 minutes long. The characters were created by Satyajit Ray himself, although he was inspired by his grandfather’s story with the same title. 

The movie stars a young farmer’s son named Goopy, who has a love for singing, although he lacks the talent. After waking the king from his sleep, Goopy is banned from the kingdom. He meets Bagha and the plot develops.

This movie features Tapen Chatterjee as Goopy, and Rabi Ghosh as Bagha. Along with the characters, the music was composed by Satyajit Ray himself.

Behind the scenes credit belongs to Purnima Pictures, for the production of the film, Shoumendu Roy for the cinematography, Dulal Dutta for editorial work, and Bansi Chandragupta for Art Direction. Direction of the film was performed by Satyajit Ray as well as the composition of the film's musical score and the screenplay was inspired by the original works of Upendrakishore Ray. Sound for the work was created by Nripen Paul, Atul Chatterjee and Sujit Sarkar.

Awards won by this production include:
Award for best Direction. New Delhi, 1968.
Silver Cross.  Adelaide, 1969.