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Azaad - 1955

This 1995 super-hit Bollywood movie was a remake of a Tamil movie which was based on the Tamil novel Malaikkallan written by the renowned poet Venkatarama Ramalingam Pillai popularly known as Namakkal Kavinjar. The story was made into film in five languages including one foreign language – Sinhalese. All the versions were directed by Sreeramulu Naidu.

The Hindi version Azaad stars Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari and Pran. The adventure-comedy film was a change for Dilip Kumar who is known for his somber and serious roles. Music for the film was composed by C. Ramchandra. 'Aplam Chaplam' and 'Na Bole Na Bole' are some of the hit songs from this film.