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Doctor -1941

New Theatres’ 1941 film Doctor is a social drama touches some of the serious issues that troubled the pre-independent India like poverty, diseases, superstition and caste distinction. Directed by Subodh Mitra the story revolves around the protagonist who (as mentioned in the title) is a doctor who ventures to work in a village in Bengal, much to the disagreement of his parents.

The narrative, which deals with several progressive ideas, is bedecked with some excellent songs. Composer and singing star Pankaj Mullack did the lead role as well as the music of the film. Almost all the songs of the film became evergreen melodies.

The other cast includes Ahindra Choudhury, Jyoti Prakash, Master Meenu, Nemo, Amar Mullick, Buddhadeb, Indu Mukherjee, Panna Rani, and Bharati Devi.