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Jana Aranya or The Middleman, a Satyajit Ray film

The film Jana Aranya, translated into English as The Middleman, was created in 1976 in the Bengali language, West Bengal, India by Satyajit Ray. The Indian cinema addition was inspired by the novel by the same name by author Mani Shankar Mukherjee.

This work was meant to document the depression of the educated youth of the middle class set in modern India. The advocate, Somnath, fails numerous times to gain a job, and finally lands a job as a middle-man; a person with the task of providing orders in exchange for a set commission. The role of Somnath was played by actor Pradip Mukherjee.

This film was produced by Indus Films, and directed by Satyajit Ray. The screenplay was based on the novel by Mani Shankar Mukherjee. Cinematography was supervised by Soumendu Roy, and Art Direction by Ashoke Bose. Editing was performed by Dulal Dutta, sound for the film was produced by J.D. Irani, Sujit Ghosh, Anil Talukdar, and Adinath Nag. The original score was composed by Satyajit Ray.

This film has been decorated with the following awards:
• Best Direction. New Delhi, 1975
• Karlovy Vary Prize. 1976
• Best Film, Direction, and Screen Play. Government of West Bengal. 1975
• Golden Lotus Award for Best Directo