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Lal -e-Yaman 1933

Produced by “Wadia Movietone” under the direction of J.B.H. Wadia, Lal-e-Yaman was an adaptation of very popular Parsi theatre play – A fantasy tale.

The story of a prince, who is falsely imprisoned by his witched step mother. Prince getting a magic dagger from a sufi fakir by the power of which he suppresses the enemies and gets the throne.

One of the best adventurous fantasy movies produced by Wadia Movietone – pioneers in producing fantasy movies and stunt films. Music composed by Joseph David became hit.

Jal Khambatta, Karimja, Padma, Feroze Dastur, Master Mohammed etc. were in the star cast.

Special effects screens involving Apeman, genii (ghost) etc. amused the audience. The lovers of stage plays rushed to the theatres to watch such scenes which were shown in stage with limitations of the stage. The film was a box office hit.