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Shehnai - 1947

Directed by P.L. Santoshi and produced by Filmistan, the film Shehnai was released in the year when India got its independence. An interesting story wrapped in the glittering cover of humour, the film features V.H. Desai the renowned comedian of Hindi cinema in the lead role. The multi-talented persona of bygone era Kishore Kumar also appeared onscreen for Shehnai.

But what made the film memorable in the mind of the audience is the C. Ramachandra’s music. The song “aana meri jaan Sunday,” which is a fusion of western and eastern music, is an all time hit. The song stands testimonial to Ramachandra’s talent in creating fusion music. Veena Pani Mukherjee, who had a very brief career in Bollywood, sung a beautiful bhajan composed by C. Rmachandra. Even now the audience remembers Veena for this song.