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Bengali saree stall in Surajkund Crafts Fair

The sarees woven in West Bengal are known as Jamdani or inlay technique of weaving and follow the traditional patterns. Here both silk and cotton sarees are woven in a charming and exquisite range. The Daccai ‘Jamdani’ is a fabric on which the designs are raised in inimitable style.

The texture of these sarees is quite different as the twisted yarn is closely woven together, with the result that these sarees can be washed easily and are long lasting.

Surajkund Crafts Mela held close to the national capital of Delhi is a perfect place for someone who loves arts, crafts, dance and music. This annual fair held at Surajkund is one of the largest festivals held in India on the month of February. It was started by the Haryana Tourism to promote Indian cultural tradition.