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Bengali Chhau Masks

All over the world masks are the reflections of culture and religion. Masks of imaginative figures were used to install fear and faith in common folks.

Chhau masks in Bengal are used by the Chhou dancers of Purulia. They are attractive masks made of clay, paper and wood. This ritualistic mask is painted and decorated according to the characters. Bright yellow and orange are used for goddess Lakshmi. The mask of Goddess Kali is painted in black. White is used mainly for the male deities.

Golden and silver foil cut in different shapes, strings of beads, pith works, coloured paper flowers and feathers of hens and peacocks are used for decorating these masks.

The Surajkund Crafts Mela depicts all such cultural traditions from all over the nation. Featured in the video are the Chhou masks and the painstaking process behind their manufacture.