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Creating wonders with clay

Clay crafting was one of the earliest skills developed by  mankind. In India, too, the tradition dates back to the 5000 year-old Indus Valley civilization, which is symbolized by clay carts and the clay images of gods and goddesses.

There are two schools of clay toy making in India – one is the terracotta tradition in which the figurines are baked to get hardness and enhanced life. The second school does not involve the baking and is more prevalent in the state of West Bengal. Though fragile, the clay toys of mythological characters, animals, birds and carts are beautiful and exude the charm or the Indian rural heritage.

In this video clip, the efforts behind crafting these charming toys are captured. The venue is Surajkund Crafts Mela, organized by Haryana Tourism to promote the Indian tradition of handloom and handicrafts.