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Colourful Kites in the crafts fair, Uttar Pradesh

Shown in the video are colourful kites from Uttar Pradesh in Surajkund Crafts Mela in Haryana, India. This fair is organized by Haryana Tourism to promote Indian handicraft and handloom tradition.

Kite making and flying is not only a sport but also is used to mark a variety of occasions which include the changing of the seasons as well as to call up on new weather and a rich harvest.

In India, the most commonly used kites are flat kites known as fighter kites. Kite designing is a skill. The balance and stability of a kite flying is maintained by size, texture of the paper, frame, weight shape, joints and tail. Various figures are inscribed in the kites to make them beautiful.

In Uttar Pradesh kite flying is one of the main festivals celebrated especially in Lucknow, the capital city. Basant Panchami festival is one such occasion. Kites of different shapes, sizes and colours take to the skies leading to all round excitement and enjoyment.