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The beauty of metal craft in Uttar Pradesh

The Tamtas or metal casters of North West Uttar Pradesh have for centuries practiced metal craft. The state is noted for its coloured enamelling and intricate engravings in niello. The beauty of the craft lies in the use of copper and brass to make engravings.

Locally this type of blending metals is called the Ganga-Jamuni style. A special item of this tradition is the water pitcher or Kalasi. This object is a valued gift in the region. Other items made under this tradition are bowl, vases, trays and boxes.

Moradabad in U.P. has become synonymous with the art of metalware. Moradabad makes decorations in the golden colour against a white background. In decorative metalware a variety of pictures, even landscapes, group dances, temples and deities can be displayed. Uttar Pradesh is the largest Brass and copper producing state in India.