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Bommai Kolu

Navarathri is a nine-night festival celebrated all over India and abroad by the Hindus. In south India, especially in Kerala, this festival is known as Saraswathi Pooja. Keralites (the people of Kerala) believe Goddess Saraswathi as the Goddess of Learning. And during Navarathri in Hindu households and temples Poojavaipu, a ceremony that commences on Durgashtami day to Vijayadashami day is held with lot of devotion and religious fervour.

The Poojavaipu ceremony involves placing of books meant for learning, holy books and working tools and equipment before an image or idol of Goddess Saraswathi.

A major attraction during this festival is Bommai Kolu in which the idols of Hindu deities along with several dolls made out of clay and wood are arranged in a room.

Featured in this video is the beautifully decorated Bommai Kolu, in a Brahmin house in Thiruvananthapuram.