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Manipuri is a dance form popular in the North Eastern state of Manipur in India. The term usually denotes a number of dance forms existing in the area, including Ras Lila and Pung Cholom.

Mostly performed in temples, Manipuri dance form an important part of the religious and social fabric of the state. The dance is designed in such a manner that it gives an access to the spiritual levels, too. This dance form is claimed to be one of the softest, modest and mildest of all the classical dance forms. However, this softness and mildness is achieved through hard physical practice.

In Manipuri, instrumentation plays a larger role than in any other classical dance in India. Dance steps are very much based on the beatings of kartal, a kind of cymbals.

Musical instruments like Harmonium, pena, conch and basnuri (flute) play an integral role in the course of the dance apart from providing the background score. The songs used are that of old poets like Jaydev and Vidyapati.

Ras Lila can be considered to be the most prominent dance of the group, which depicts the love of Lord Krishna and Radha, his consort. Most of the Manipuri dances have a similar theme but besides depicting the essence of a true love, it also examines the spiritual aspects of the same, sticking firmly to the Bhakthi tradition.
Performed here is Bimbavati Devi, a renowned Manipuri artiste.