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Sutlej River in Himachal Pradesh

The Sutlej is one of the rivers flowing down from the Himalayas, rises from Tibet. Sutlej River is considered to be one of the faster rivers in the land. The Sutlej is one of only three Trans Himalayan rivers originating in the high Tibetan Plateau that cuts across the mighty Himalayan ranges. The other two are the Indus and the Brahmaputra.

The Sutlej is the longest of the five rivers of Punjab. Flowing towards the west through Himachal Pradesh and turns south-west to receive the Beas in Punjab, thus forming the border between India and Pakistan.

The old name of Sutlej was ‘Satadru’ which is derived from the Sanskrit and it means fast runner. Shown in the video is the mighty flowing Sutlej in Himachal Pradesh and the surrounded Himalayas