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Kudajadri and its surroundings

Kudajadri (Kodachadri), one of the most popular hill stations in Karnataka state, India is located in the Shimoga district. Kudajadri is famous for its marvellous sunrises and sunsets. The name Kudajadri is the corruption of the Sanskrit word ‘Kutakachalam’.

On the Western side, the hill descends steeply and meets the forest of neighbouring Udupi district. On the way to the hill one can find small tea shops (kaka angadi) and also a temple, which is an ideal place for camping.

The Mookambika temple located near Kodachadri has an iron mast or pillar, popularly known as the Dwaja Sthamba (flag staff) of the goddess. It is said that the Goddess Mookambika originally killed the demon Mookasura in the place where the temple is located. One can also see those idols, once used by Kola Rishi (a sage mentioned in Skanda Purana) for worshipping the Hindu deities.