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Murals- Thodeekulam Temple

Featured in the video are the ancient murals of the Thodeekulam temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Kannur. The paintings are found on the outer walls of the garbhagriha or sanctum sanctorum of the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva, Nataraja (dancing posture of Lord Shiva), Aghora Shiva (a form of Lord Shiva), Sree Porkali (Goddess Kali) and Goddess Rajarajeswari are some of the paintings. Notable is the portrayal of Rukmini Swayamvaram in nineteen panels. Rukmini Swayamvaram is an excerpt from the great Indian epic Mahabharata. The paintings are considered to have been drawn during the middle phase (between 10th and 13th centuries) of the Kerala mural tradition.