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Kari - Kathakali Make-up

Kari is the name of a make-up in Kathakali. It literally means black and is donned by cruel characters. Characters in Kari are further classified into two according to the gender; Aankari (male) and Penkari (female).

The Kaattalan (forest dweller) in Nalacharita is an example of the Aankari character. Demonesses like Simhika, Shoorpanakha and Nakrathundi are portrayed in the Penkari make-up.

Shown in the video is Nakrathundi a character in the popular play Narakasuravadham.

Kathakali make-up is classified into five types according to the nature of the character. They are Pacha (green), Kathi (knife), Kari (black), Thaadi (beard) and Minukku (radiant).