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Lord Shiva in Kutiyattam performed by Kalamandalam Sivan Namboodiri

Shown in the video is the character Lord Shiva from the popular Kutiyattam play Kailasodharanam. This is an eventful story from Ramayana, the great Indian epic.

The story is presented as the thoughts of the demon King Ravana. He rues the curses brought on him by events that ensue after his attempt to lift Mount Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva.

In this play, the main character ‘Ravana’ presents the rest of the characters, wearing the same costume. Performing here is Kalamandalam Sivan Namboodiri, a Kutiyattam maestro.

Kutiyattam, the ancient Sanskrit theatre has an antiquity of over 2000 years. UNESCO has declared this theatre form as one of the oral and intangible heritages of humanity.