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Away in a Manger

Long ago in Bethlehem a child destined to save the world was born in a barn … perhaps this is a story that your grandma had told you umpteen times in an empathetic mood.

Come Christmas, Churches and Christian homes across Kerala will have beautiful cribs depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.

Recreating the Holy manger
Children roaming around to collect grass and leaves to make cribs are a common sight. The bottom of the crib will be lined with hay. Stars, festoons and balloons add colour to the holy barn.

Clay models of Joseph, Mary, shepherds, angels, sheep and reindeers will be placed in the crib on the day before Christmas. On the Christmas eve Baby Jesus is placed in the cribs with much devotion.

While in churches this is a grand ceremony during the Holy Midnight Mass, at homes this is the first thing that the faithful do after returning from the churches.