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Manarcad perunnal - feast of St. Mary's church

Manarcad Perunnal, an annual feast is held at the beautiful and famous St Mary’s Church at Manarcad in the Kottayam district of Kerala, south India. It is an eight-day prayer and fasting event, locally called Ettunombu Perunnal or Ettunoyambu Perunnal.

The retreat and fast begin on the first of September every year. The church sees thousands of devotees from across India and from all over the world, offering their prayers and observing the fast. The devotees stay in the church from morning till night during these days.

The main offering of the church is muthukkuda (ornate silken parasols). Celebrations reach their peak on the last three days of the Perunnal. Processions are taken out carrying golden crosses and thousands of devotees participate in them with colorful muthukkudas.