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Colouring a coir mat at Muhamma

Kerala is often referred to as the ‘Land of Coconuts’. A wide variety of products are made out of coir, the fibre derived from coconut husk. The video shows the making and colouring of a coir mat at Muhamma in the district of Alappuzha in Kerala. Muhamma is famed for the wide variety of coir products made here. The traditional craftsmen here use mostly natural colours. Pictures of birds, animals and flowers are hand painted on the mats to make them attractive.

Alappuzha is famous for the production of coir and various coir products. Today the ‘Alleppey coir’ is an international brand with the Union Ministry of Commerce granting a certificate of registration under the Geographical Indication (GI) Act for the coir made in the district. Earlier, Aranmula Kannadi, the indigenous metal mirror made at Aranmula village in the state, had also been selected as a GI product.