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Odappoo - Ornamental Reed Tuft

Shown in the video is the making of ‘Odappoo’ or long ornamental tufts made from reed fibre. Odappoo is distributed among the devotees attending the annual festival at the temples of Kottiyoor. Devotees consider it auspicious to keep the tufts in their homes.

In Kottiyoor, there are two temples- Akkare Kottiyoor and Ikkare Kottiyoor. The temples dedicated to Lord Shiva are located in deep forests on either sides of the river Bavali.

Daily worships are held at Ikkare Kottiyoor temple. The Akkare Kottiyoor temple remains open only on special occasions like the annual festival.

Interestingly, during the twenty eight-day annual festival, the Ikkare Kottitoor temple remains closed and special rituals are held at Akkare Kottiyoor.