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Elephant crossing Bavali river, Kottiyur

Bavali, which flows through the deep forests of Kannur district, is a river with religious importance. The ancient temples of Kottiyur are located on either sides of this scenic river. The temples; Akkare Kottiyur and Ikkare Kottiyur, are noted for special rituals.

Elephants are essential for the rituals during the annual 21-day festival. In Ezhunnallippu or the ritualistic procession, the idols of Lord Shiva and Parvathi are taken out atop elephants. Like several other temples in the state elephant feeding is also held.

But what makes this festival distinct is a ceremonious farewell given to the elephants after all the festivities. Seen in the video is an elephant crossing the river after festivities and farewell.

Kottiyur is believed to be the place where Dakshayagam (a sacrificial rite mentioned in myths related to Lord Shiva) was held. Devotees consider it auspicious to take a bath in the river before visiting the temples.