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Thalankara thoppy - weaving the traditional Muslim caps

Often we can identify a traditional Malabar Muslim by his ethnic apparel, especially from the unique cap. These caps are usually made of cotton with intricate crochet work. These caps are made at Thalankara village in Kasaragod district of Kerala, India, and so these caps are known as Thalankara thoppy (thoppy means cap).

In Thalankara village the preparation of such ethnic headgears is the family profession of many people. These caps are in great demand among Muslims in Kerala as well as those in Gulf countries. Generally the caps are priced from Rs. 45 to Rs. 150. The price increases as the needlework and designs on the cap become more intricate.

In this video we see an old person, Mohammad who has been engaged in cap making for over thirty-five years. He prepares caps with magnificent needlework. His family members help him in his work.