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Kerala Sari and Mundu with Jubba

When Sari (Saree) reached Kerala, it attained a kind of simplicity. Instead ones with dainty designs, Kerala saris are elegant and simple. They are either white or ivory coloured with a single coloured or golden border.

Most of these saris are of pure cotton and are hand woven. Thus, they are related to the cultural and economic ambience of Kerala to a large extent. Such hand-made clothing has played a great role in shaping a healthy village economy.

When it comes to the aesthetic aspect, the simple Kerala saris represent the elegant tradition of Kerala.

Jubba is a plain long full-sleeved dress. On special occasions and events men like to wear Jubba with Mundu or Jubba with Jeans.

The new experiments in Jubba are Embroidery, sequins work and bright colours. The material can be cotton, silk, khadi, etc.

In Kerala, two varieties of jubba- one with a collar and one without it- are popular. In the video, a man is seen wearing a Jubba without collar along with a white dhoti called Mundu.